On open days, visitors are able to see the amazing progress made on restoration of the mill and improvements to the site.

 Please note the last tour will start at 3:00pm.

July 25 (Sunday)

August 30  (Bank Holiday Monday)

September 12  (Heritage Sunday)

October 10 (Sunday)

                  In addition, group visits may also be arranged by contacting Chris Mills, 07804328603

                     Entrance fee: adults £4.00, children over 5 £2.00, under 5’s free.

Please bring a face mask because face masks and hand sanitiser are to be used when entering enclosed buildings

Children must be accompanied by at least one responsible adult.
Please note access to the mill above the ground floor is not possible for those with restricted mobility.

Guided tours are given on all open days and, weather permitting, the sails will be turning.
The mill now regularly grinds flour and stoneground flour will be for sale at the mill.
Additional attractions include the opportunity to view a vintage Ruston & Hornsby diesel engine, the neighbouring wild flower meadow and the new Granary Building.

Please come to see the progress on the restoration of this historic mill.


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  1. Angela Lain says:

    Are you milling flour at the moment and if so how can we purchase some ? Thank you

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