200 year anniversary

mill with bunting

On July 14th 2019 we celebrated the fact that it was 200 years since the mill was built. The star of the day was indeed the mill looking resplendent with the bunting and sails going round and it attracted lots of visitors who had tours of the mill.
There were several displays all in keeping with the mill including street organs, rope spinning, 100 year old Titan 10/20 tractor, vintage cars, old hay cart and bread delivery cart and blacksmith and of course the permanent Ruston Hornsby 4YHR engine
A video entitled “The second Time Round” was shown on a continuous loop in the granary where visitors could sit and watch the restoration of the mill. Several of the original people who took part in the restoration of the mill also came along for a reunion


The last owner George Vincent lived in a shed, the bottom of the mill and a first World War Locomobile lorry, until 1973. The lorry has been restored and is the only one of its type in the country and looked magnificent in the same location that George Vincent had parked it and lived in it. The Lorry had not been back to the mill since 1973  so it had come home and looked absolutely right

Joanna Spicer

Our delicious light lunches and cream teas, for which we are becoming well known,   were served on vintage crockery during the day with many visitors taking the opportunity to treat themselves.
A birthday cake had been made and was cut by Joanna Spicer a local councillor, who is a supporter of the mill, and visitors were able to enjoy a slice of cake together with a glass of Prosecco.

pouring prosecco

All in all it was an enjoyable day with good weather and lots of visitors who all enjoyed the experience and it was good to see so many people at the mill which gave a lovely lively atmosphere

I would like to thank the demonstrators for giving their time to support our special day

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