Starting the Ruston Hornsby engine

As the restoration programme progressed we were able to start the engine manually but this took a lot of effort and was potentially hazardous to the operator
Further progress enabled us to have the original compressed air receiver tested and certified by a qualified pressure vessel inspector. The receiver is connected to both the engine and to an original Ruston Hornsby compressor which charges the receiver with compressed air. The compressed air enables the engine to be started with ease, thus eliminating the need to crank the engine by hand


2015 Video from Broadland Memories

Views of Thelnetham Windmill

Supplying Water to Site 

Group Visits

200th Anniversary

On July 14th 2019 we celebrated the fact that it was 200 years since the mill was built.   The star of the day was indeed the mill looking resplendent with the bunting and sails going round and it attracted lots of visitors who had tours of the mill.
There were several displays, all in keeping with the mill, and of course the permanent restored Ruston Hornsby 4YHR engine. A video entitled “The second Time Round” showing the restoration of the mill was played on a continuous loop in the granary and several of the original people who took part in the restoration of the mill also came along for a reunion. The last owner George Vincent lived in a world war one Locomobile lorry which has since been restored. It looked magnificent  and took pride of place in front of the mill where George had lived in it. The lorry had not been back to the mill since 1973 so it had come home and looked absolutely right. Vintage cream teas were enjoyed by many and Joanna Spicer (a local councillor) cut the birthday cake which was served with Prosecco.  An enjoyable day with good weather and lots of visitors who all enjoyed the experience

Traditional Afternoon Teas and Light Lunches

We have been offering delectable light lunches and traditional cream teas, for which we have become well known. The photos show only some of the delicious food on offer which has been enjoyed by visitors to the mill enhancing their overall visitor experience.   Why not complete your enjoyable visit to the mill by having one of our traditional afternoon teas OR just pop in and treat yourself to a traditional cream tea in the tranquil and pleasant and friendly surroundings of the mill


“Fort Knox”


Clearing the site 2013

Dressing the stones

Original Restoration 1980 – 1985